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Feed your mind, body & soul

Lush green outdoors, bright sunshine and delicious food to complete the Gold Coins Club experience. Enjoy the outdoors while gorging on scrumptious dishes.


Health & quality our top priority

With an on-site aquaponic farm, Gold Coins Club & Resort is proud to procure most of its produce fresh from harvest.  Grown 100% free of synthetic pesticides and chemicals, the vegetables grown in our farm are harvested fresh and transported directly to the kitchen, ready to be cooked for our patrons. That’s a level of freshness few others can claim to have.

A gateway to the rest of the world

Your plate isn’t just an object at Gold Coins Club & Resort, it is a portal that can transport you to any part of the globe. Each bite an opportunity to explore another land with cuisines from all over the world.

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Dig Into

Continental Delights

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North Indian classics

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Authentic Chinese Dishes

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South Indian delicacies

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Escape To The Luxury This Summer

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